11 thoughts on “An Arduino-based programmer for the AT89C2051 chip – part 2”

  1. Hi.
    I need a flash AT89C2051 controller for the stereo system. I want to repeat your programmer. Tell me, please, can I replace the transistor BC337 to transistor BC817?

    regard, B

    1. Hi borya

      Yes, the BC817 will work well. You can use any general purpose NPN transistors for this project.

    1. Hi natraj,

      There is a link to download the source code on the page ‘POV source code – part 2’. Here’s a copy of the link:


      If you click on that it might just display the source in a window, but you should be able to right-click and ‘save as…’

      All the source is in that one file.

      The YouTube video shows how to connect the Arduino: https://youtu.be/Xy8lKjUCEk8

      Look in the description of that video and there are some links to download the Arduino sketch.

  2. Cant make this work reliably. I can read and i can erase “sometimes” but not always. I cannot read signature, i cannot program the chip. The PC program seems quite flaky.

    1. Have you measured the voltages produced by the charge pump and the zenner / transistor circuit? Mine seems to work 100% reliable – sorry that you’re having problems with your version.

  3. I do use external 12V source. I do manually switch from 12V to 5V and back. Only 2 resistor and 1 transistor. The hardware works, i can program the chip.

    I did simplyfy the code and send commands / data with a terminal program now. This works reliably. I use hex2bin to convert the hex to binary, then hterm “send file” to upload the data.

    I think the PC app has some problems.

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