Photos of the Banggood POV kit Power / Oscillator board

Click on a photo for a much larger view

The slide switch with the yellow wires I added - it just switches off the power to the motor while leaving the oscillator powered up. The incoming power from the barrel connector wires are red (+) and black (-). The red goes via the push-toggle switch that came with the kit and back to the board on a yellow wire. The wires disappearing up through the hole to the rotating part are red and black for the motor and blue/white for the infra red led that shines so that the photodiode on the rotating part can detect its rotation position index. I think I put the 470-ohm current-limiting resistor for that LED soldered to the LED leg rather than on the stripboard so you can't see it in these photos. The two green wires coming from the board are soldered to the coil that transfers the power up to the rotating part.