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  • Decoding FrSKY telemetry data with an Arduino – Part four

    Now let’s look at the necessary code to transmit telemetry data from our aircraft. We have an Arduino on board the plane, connected to the telemetry port of our FrSky receiver. I used a D4R-II. The harness that plugs into the side of the receiver (at least the one supplied with mine) has red wire […]

  • Decoding FrSKY telemetry data with an Arduino – Part three

    So now we want to add our own types of data. We’ll still keep the standard FrSky telemetry data for all the standard sensors, but perhaps we want to send additional messages – these might be strings of characters, floating point values, integers, even possibly an image from a camera (though an image would take […]

  • POV source code – part 2

    Clock interrupt The STC89C52 has three timer/counters (most of the 8051 chips have the first two, and the third one is pretty common).  One of the modes for timer 1 is to count clock pulses in an 8-bit register and when FF is reached, reload the count register from a separate 8-bit register.  Each time […]

  • Cheap POV (persistence of vision) clock kit

    These kits are available on for about $11 shipping included.  Tricky soldering, and they don’t come with any instructions.  There are instructions available on the website – but not unless you read Chinese.  The pictures on the website help though. Anyway, I recommend the kit.  Even if you can’t get it working properly, it’s […]