Decoding FrSKY telemetry data with an Arduino – Part three

So now we want to add our own types of data. We’ll still keep the standard FrSky telemetry data for all the standard sensors, but perhaps we want to send additional messages – these might be strings of characters, floating point values, integers, even possibly an image from a camera (though an image would take […]

Solids of constant width – the Meissner Tetrahedron – in OpenSCAD

Lots of people know about curves of constant width – for example the UK 50p and 20p coins: despite their apparent non-roundness they have constant width when measured by parallel jawed calipers or the mechanisms inside vending machines.  If the shapes of these coins are extruded as prisms they can be used as rollers for […]

Decoding FrSKY telemetry data with an Arduino – Part two

In part one, we looked at the standard FrSky ‘D series’ data packets that provide voltage and RSSI information.  In this part two post we’ll consider the data format used by standard FrSky telemetry add-ons and how to decode the data from those without using a Taranis transmitter or a commercial display unit.  In part […]